Santa Maria Island in the Azores

Santa Maria Island

Roughly rectangular in shape, Santa Maria Island is both the most easterly and southerly of the remote Azores archipelago, and the first of nine to have been discovered by Portuguese […]

Nordeste in the Azores

The Town of Nordeste

Largely unspoilt by the effects of modern development, Nordeste is a small outpost situated at the north-eastern tip of São Miguel island in the Azores, located west of mainland Portugal […]

Corvo Island Azores

The Final Frontier

There’s no place in Portugal quite as remote as Corvo, a single volcanic crater island set bold as brass in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Barely more than four hundred […]

Flores restaurant Azores

Cottage on Flores

This pretty stone cottage with its lovely garden is in fact a restaurant located in the idyllic seaside hamlet of Fajãzinha on the west coast of Flores Island in the Azores, right […]