Iberian Wolf - Portugal

The Iberian wolf might be an endangered species but several of them can be seen roaming free at the Centro de Recuperação do Lobo Ibérico (CRLI) near Mafra in central Portugal.

Located a short journey to the north-west of Lisbon, the CRLI (known internationally as the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre) was established in 1987 with the aim of providing a safe environment for wolves unable to live in the wild.

Occupying 17 hectares of secluded terrain in a thickly wooded valley, the centre offers visitors the chance to observe one of the world’s most reclusive creatures from observation towers located at strategic points around the site.

As well as providing the best possible habitat for the wolves, the centre also carries out scientific studies, particularly in the area of social behaviour.

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A volunteer programme is open to anyone over the age of eighteen with an interest in wildlife conservation, allowing them to participate in day-to-day activities such as feeding the wolves and helping with the general maintenance of the centre’s facilities

On weekends and public holidays, visitors to Portugal are welcome to join a 90-minute tour of the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre, which must be booked in advance.

The wolves can also be adopted for an annual fee of just €35, for which you will receive a package comprising an adoption certificate, photo, CRLI membership card, some souvenirs and an invitation to visit the centre and see the wolf you have adopted.

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