Flores restaurant Azores

This pretty stone cottage with its lovely garden is in fact a restaurant located in the idyllic seaside hamlet of Fajãzinha on the west coast of Flores Island in the Azores, right on the western edge of Europe.

One of the best on the island, the aptly-named Pôr do Sol (Sunset) Restaurant promises diners a true taste of Azorean cuisine along with the most head-spinning views of the Atlantic Ocean, not to mention the last sunset to be seen on the European continent. Typical of Portuguese food, the dishes served are very traditional with a strong local flavour.

The immensely appealing stretch of Portuguese coastline both sides of Fajãzinha (indicated on the Google map below) is the closest European visitors will ever get to North American waters.

Whist gazing out to sea from the restaurant’s carefully-manicured garden, you might hear the cry of ‘next stop, New York!’ from someone standing behind you.

In fact, Flores is already part of the New World since geologically it is situated on the American shelf.

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