Pastel de Belém - Portugal

Portugal’s highly-regarded and much-savoured Pastel de Belém celebrates its 187th birthday this year, but its ingredients remain a closely guarded secret.

Baked in the ovens of the Antiga Confeitaria de Belém (indicated on the Google map below), an old café located in Rua de Belém in the historic quarter of Belém, this very popular custard cream-type tart is based on a unique recipe that originated at the nearby Hieronymite Monastery in Belém, otherwise known as Jerónimos.

Travellers the world over head for the Antiga Confeitaria de Belém (indicated on the link below) to satisfy their craving and the tart’s ingredients have remained unaltered and a complete secret since production started in 1837.

Half an hour in the café is a prerequisite when in Belém and we have a couple of tips for you. Order the pastéis with a glass of the rich, fruity muscatel wine produced close by in the vineyards south of the River Tagus. And be sure to take a box away with you for a delicious snack back at the hotel.

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