Baía da Barca - Azores

The Baía da Barca aparthotel in the small town of Madalena on Pico island promises the warmest of welcomes for travellers in the Azores.

Pico Island in the Azores, Portugal, has received countless compliments over the years, but none more satisfying than its description in Florida-based Islands Magazine as ‘one of the best places in the world to live’.

The Baía da Barca aparthotel is a true home from home where visitors can appreciate the many splendours of this glorious mountain hideaway, a volcanic island seemingly adrift in the vast blue expanses of the mid Atlantic.

With its tasteful furnishings and stylish, ultra-modern design, Baía da Barca is not only conveniently located a short walk from the town centre, it also features a fine range of added comforts such as a sauna, small spa, outdoor pool and spacious living rooms in all ten apartments where guests can congregate around the fireplace and watch movies on a cold winter’s evening.

Where to stay in the Azores

Homeliness is a recurring theme in the Azores with many locals never leaving the island during their entire lifetime. Some even refuse to set foot outside the town or village in which they were born.

Within easy striking distance of the Baía da Barca is the extraordinarily beautiful man-made landscape of small, stone walled fields that constitute the UNESCO World Heritage-classified Pico Island Vineyard which has been evolving since the arrival of the first settlers in the 15th century.

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